Town Branch Low-Water Crossing- Bentonville, Arkansas



A low-water crossing (structure) was constructed on Town Branch in Northern Bentonville by property owners in order to access their residences and farm lands.  The structure was constructed no later than 1954 based on aerial imagery.  The presence of the low-water crossing initiated un-intended effects that caused the stream to laterally migrate in the downstream direction over time.  The lateral migration has resulted in accelerated streambank erosion that impacts water quality and threatens transportation and electrical utilities.  The structure also created a barrier to fish migration.  Due to damage from recent storms, it was decided to remove the low water crossing and adjacent access road in the fall of 2022, as it was no longer required to service the Slaughter Pen Hollow Multi-use Trail area on the eastern side of the stream.  Removal of the structure and access road resulted in a secondary channel forming that reduced the flow in the main channel of Town Branch and scoured the floodplain during storm events.  Without remediation, the former low-water crossing site will remain unstable and will continue to cause problems for the ecology and property managers.

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