Mitigation Banks

About our Mitigation Banks

Mitigation banks established by the WCRC utilize the highest levels of river and riparian ecosystem restoration approaches, to achieve the maximum aquatic and ecosystem habitat improvements possible.  Our banks are intended to serve as true mitigation for impacts to aquatic resources created by human activity in Northwest Arkansas.

Our Philosophical approach

The WCRC believes that in order to truly mitigate for impacts to aquatic, riparian, and wetland resources, emphasis must be placed on creating or restoring the same type of resources within the same geographic location where the impacts have occurred.  Since restored ecosystems take years to fully achieve their potential, the WCRC monitors and maintains our banks regularly to insure that our banks achieve their ecological potential

Credit sales

Our credit sales go directly toward the addition of conservation activities within the primary service area of the mitigation banks.

For more information about mitigation banking with the WCRC or for current credit prices, contact Sandi Formica, WCRC Executive Director.