Brush Creek ~ Fayetteville, Arkansas



After: Brush Creek

Brush Creek restoration project was funded and completed with our partners Beaver Water District , Beaver Watershed Alliance , and the Natural Resource Conservation Service through the National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI). The Watershed Conservation Resource Center’s team of engineers used an ecological restoration approach that included natural channel design principles to restore a highly eroded streambank. Rock structures built in the stream help correct the flow, while toewood and erosion control fabric will maintain the newly shaped stream banks. Floodplains were constructed and replanted with Sycamore trees and hardwoods along with native shrubs like silky dogwood and witch hazel. Native grasses and wildflowers, such as, swamp milkweed, Eastern gamagrass, and many other plant species were incorporated into the site. Native to the local ecoregion, all of the vegetation will grow and establish a healthily vegetated riparian zone that provides habitat for wildlife, while slowing down the water when flooding occurs.

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