Little Sugar Creek Wetland and Stream Restoration @ McKisic Creek, Bentonville, Arkansas



The Watershed Conservation Resource Center (WCRC) in partnership with the City of Bentonville propose to implement a project to reduce riverbank erosion along 1,500 linear feet of riverbank  along Little Sugar Creek using an approach that relies heavily on natural channel design principles and the use of materials and techniques that will improve aquatic habitat.  Restoration of eroding riverbanks will include restoring a portion of the bank using toe-wood stabilization techniques.  The bank restoration and enhancement will help meet multiple local and regional objectives relating to stream channel instability, water quality, and habitat.

Additionally, a large saturated area on the flood plain that is currently being mowed will be restored to a herbaceous wetland area.  The wetland will provide biological habitat and filter out urban pollutants.  The wetland will have an area of approximately 2 acres.  The wet depression will be transformed through vegetation management by eliminating mowing, removing invasive plants, and introducing wetland and flood plain plant species to create a herbaceous wetland.


Additional Project Photos