West Fork White River Brentwood Mountain – Brentwood, Arkansas



Project Description

The Watershed Conservation Resource Center (WCRC) in partnership with the Beaver Watershed Alliance and Beaver Water District proposes to design and implement a natural channel design restoration at two priority areas in the WFWR watershed.  Sediment and phosphorus loadings from the sites is estimated to be 1,000 ton/year and 500 lb/yr, respectively.  The two landowners affected are eager to participate in a stream restoration project on their land.

Restoration of these two sites will help to meet multiple local and regional objectives relating to stream channel instability, water quality, and habitat.  Success of the constructed restoration will be evaluated based on sediment reduction and long-term stability of the restored site.  The restoration will be designed to function through a wide variety of stream discharges including flood events.  It is expected that sediment and phosphorus loadings will be reduced by 80%.

Additional Project Photos