Cato Springs at Mount Kessler Regional Park



Watershed Conservation Resource Center (WCRC), the project lead, partnered with Arkansas Natural Resource Commission, City of Fayetteville, Beaver Water District. Beaver Watershed Alliance provided assistance with public outreach and the coordination of volunteers for: invasive removal, planting native vegetation, trash removal and recycling of waste materials previously dumped on site, and development of signage. Over 2,000 ft. section of an unnamed tributary that flows to Cato Springs Creek, a major tributary to the WFWR, was restored. Close to 1,000 feet of streambanks along this stretch were unstable and the riparian areas were overwhelmed with invasive plants. Historically, tires, agricultural metals, motor vehicle parts, appliances and more were dumped along the eroding banks in an attempt to stabilize the streambanks. A stream restoration design based on natural channel design principle was developed and implemented on over more than 2,000 feet of stream.

Additional Project Photos